Complete Feedlot Management

feedlT is designed to meet the needs of background feeders and finishing feedlots who are looking for tools that enhance their productivity and improve their efficiency. feedIT will allow you to:

  • Easily manage daily activities while having real time reports and accurate historical data for benchmarking and informed decision making.
  • Increased efficiency in data collection and management ensures enhanced accountability and reliability
  • Work off-line and connect multiple locations with our replication technology
  • feedlT can accommodate all sizes and complexities of management methods from single laptop operations to large corporations with multiple locations.
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Some of the key features in feedIT are:

  • Manage activities on a lot, pen and animal basis
  • Cattle Accounting
  • Individual Management
  • Animal Health
  • Feeding
  • Inventory Control
  • Data Analysis
  • Security
  • Reporting

For an Advanced Feedlot Management Solution, combine feedIT with our Individual Animal Management Module and deliverIT, our In-Truck Feeding System with Advanced feedCALL.

Individual Animal Management Module

Animal Management provides a fully integrated solution that ties together feedlot performance and individual animal data to effectively manage today’s traceability requirements while keeping the focus on the bottom line.


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Some of the key benefits of Animal Magement are:

  • Powerful weight management
  • Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun integration
  • Decrease over-weight discounts by up to 80%
  • Unsurpassed sorting options
  • Individual animal performance records and reporting
  • Treatment and Processing protocol control
  • Low Frequency (LF) & Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Electronic ID Support
  • Improve health management and reduce drug costs
  • Accurate withdrawal schedules
  • Qualify for new export markets and collect the associated premium
  • Record accurate data without having to touch the PC
  • Carcass data importing

ITS Global will work with you, your Vet and your Nutritionist to ensure the software is setup correctly and our support team will assist you with implementation, training and support.


Complete Feed Management Module

deliverIT and feedCALL work together to provide feed managers with the information required to improve their feed efficiency, monitor intakes, and analyze drivers to ensure every load is built right. deliverIT with feedCALL allows you to:

  • Update feed calls based on daily changes and adjust calls by head or by pen on an as fed or dry matter basis.
  • Create feed schedules and setup feed calls ahead of time
  • Use feedCALL in the office or from a truck using deliverIT with Mobile Feed Call.
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Some of the key benefits of deliverIT & feedCALL are:

  • Recording of ration mix time
  • Real time data capture and display
  • Ability to rebalance ration composition
  • Precise ration management and delivery
  • Increased driver management and accountability
  • Recording of actual target ration composition
  • One truck or multiple trucks / one location or multiple locations
  • Multiple truck view / feeding progress over entire feedlot
  • Automatic import of feeding data into feedIT
  • Micro machine/mill integration


Running into an issue first thing in the morning? No problem! ITS Global understands your business never stops. With after-hours support service, we do our very best to get you up and running as soon as possible!

Not getting the right load and right cattle fed can be costly! Use our online calculator to see the effect on commodity costs when rations are not loaded correctly. Get the right load and right cattle fed every time!

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US Export Documentation System

AV.Export is a simple traceability software product that streamlines the age verification and export processes.

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Some of the key features in AV.Export are:

  • Requires minimal hardware or time setup
  • Connects with most RFID readers and scales
  • Allows the collection of tags chute side or import from a pre-existing feedIT workorder
  • Generates all required paperwork without the need for live internet connection
  • Check birthdates real-time
  • Create birth-certificates
  • Submit exported tags to CCIA (CLTS) database

This can be used as a standalone product for feedlot or veterinarians supplying cattle export services.